Daily Archives: March 9, 2021

What is a UX designer? And what is UX design? Jaci from the Interactive team will answer those questions and more in this video. Transcript: Imagine you walk by a store and a really cool display catches your eye. You go inside, only to get that the shop is impossible to navigate. You’re unsure during which direction you’ll walk, there are racks blocking the aisles, and, for a few reasons, the register is within the bathroom. And it’s broken. I’m guessing if this store actually existed, it might close pretty quickly because it creates a poor experience for its customers. Similar to a chaotic store, careless web design can find yourself to hurt your business. If your website doesn’t look great, is difficult to navigate, or doesn’t work the way it should, people will go elsewhere. This is where I tell you that you simply can prevent people from leaving your site. during this…

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