As I mentioned, UX is a way of designing that incorporates people’s needs and behaviors.

UI, on the other hand, is just a portion of UX.

I can best explain this using a smartphone.

So when you use your phone, you interact with the interface. Things like apps, a search bar, and the design of the home screen all make up the UI.

The UX includes the interface, but it doesn’t stop there. Things like the phone’s physical design, the home button (or not), the power button, and the headphone jack (or not) can all be considered part of the UX.

So both UI and UX are important, but UX is a more all-inclusive term for things that users interact with.

Either way, UX design is incredibly important for your website. If you don’t think your website creates a good experience for visitors, it may be time to partner with a UX designer.

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