Modern Electronics E-commerce Website Design and Development

Description: :

Modern Electronics stable in 2010, they have 20+ shops in Karachi, different areas. They also execute innovative, cost-effective solutions to the most complex logistic challenges. They promote electronics accessories. Modern Electronics approached Digitizal to move their business to the top in Pakistan. 

The challenge

Modern Electronics provides electronics accessories all over Karachi. As they provide their services of Modern Electronics to industries of multiple cities. Having a professional E-commerce website and brand identity is mandatory. 

They appointed us and gave us the challenge to build an e-commerce website with a new perspective because they had the E-commerce website. However, that was neither SEO-friendly nor r-friendly and user-faces. additionally, it was of low design quality. They also ought to strengthen their business identity by the professional logo designing services.

Services we provided 

We appeared to be the perfect choice for them.  

Start the work on their project; first, our team put all of their efforts into understanding their requirement, their business, what services we are providing in it. In addition, what are their business goals? Then we have put our plan in their project and started working in a good way. That assists in escalating their business. We built their e-commerce website in an engaging and modern way with unique content and a professional layout. That user may easily access all the information and we had done SEO professionally that appear their e-commerce website on the top of search result.

We also design an attractive for their company’s E-commerce website, which helps in enhancing their overall business and provides a lasting impression of the business to clients.

Client’s feedback

We provide an outstanding e-commerce website. Our clients said, they loved our services and they admired our work and remarkable to get our services for their next project. They got our e-commerce website development from Digitizal, they will never leave you disappointed or hanging. They also said digitizal is a highly recommended agency.