Al Haseeb Appeals E-commerce Website Design and Development


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Description: :

Digitizal helped an E-commerce website create an effective designed image and brand with page layouts and multiple templates. We assisted the company through the optimization of header tags and internal linking. With keyword research, the products and their names were customized using SEO perfect practices. 

  • 100% mobile and responsive
  • 50 web pages created
  • 3 web page templates


The company wanted a new e-commerce website to sell stylish and unique sunglasses online. We helped the company create a platform where users are friendly and easy to find all of their products. We synchronized inventory with a third-party distributor and enabled the company to store products integrated and off-site with cost-effective shipping options. 


Digitizal provide the best solutions for your eCommerce website design and development are as follows:


We used WooCommerce capabilities to build a proper functional online storefront to sell different types of accessories. Products are easy to manage, and included in the website, with inventory synchronization and offsite shipping capability. 

WordPress web design

Digitizal created an e-commerce website using the WordPress platform that is user-friendly on the backend multiple webpage layout in order to maintain the consistency of the different types of content with the latest website design and development good practices. 

Google analytics

We created and installed google analytics goals and conversions so that the client was able to optimize their ongoing ad spend. The client is able to see the individual impacts of Facebook, Google, and Instagram advertising and scale their budget accordingly. Retargeting was set up to deliver messages to clients, which had left items in shopping carts without making purchases. 

Google ads

Digitizal e-commerce web design and development built a custom google ads campaign based on best practices for AdWords (google ads) campaigns are continuously optimized until we decrease the cost per acquisition by 86 percent. 

Instagram & Facebook marketing

We built a Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign to target customers from the client’s other e-commerce websites. We used the client’s data from offsite events to target customers with specific styles and frames indicated through intake forms from summer festivals and events.


  • 100% Mobile and Responsive Ecommerce website.
  • Website optimized for retargeting and conversions leading to a 300% increase in online sales by month 3.
  • Trained internal staff on how to make updates and upload new products with the WooCommerce theme.

Client’s feedback 

Digitizal provided prompt, courteous, and above all professional services in the projects to the new E commerce website Design and Development. We are extremely happy with the final product and will surely recommend them, to another firm, who are looking for e-commerce web design and development services.