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Over 80% of companies have a content marketing strategy, consistent with a survey by SEMrush. Online content, which incorporates everything from blogs to videos to infographics, maybe a foundational element of digital marketing and building a brand online. And having a sensible content marketing strategy is vital to get the foremost out of your content. A variety of selling companies offer content marketing services — from content-focused marketing agencies to agencies that previously focused on advertising or SEO, everyone wants to urge in on the content marketing activities. So, how does one know which companies are the simplest content marketing partners for your business? during this post, we’ll discuss what makes an honest content marketing agency and what to seem for when choosing a content marketing partner. What is a content marketing agency? Content marketing companies create content marketing strategies that allow them to plan, produce, distribute, and measure the impacts of…

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Your brand is your most precious asset, which is why you’ll want to find out about brand gating on Amazon. Amazon brand gating helps your business prevent unauthorized resellers from using your name to sell knock-off versions of your products. Instead, resellers must provide proof that they’re licensed resellers, like through an invoice and written permission from your brand. If you’re curious about learning more about brand gating on Amazon, keep reading to learn: What is Amazon brand gating? Amazon brand gating, sometimes called Amazon Brand Gating, is an Amazon Brand Registry program that helps your business prevent unauthorized resellers from selling your product or a knock-off version that uses your brand’s name on Amazon. How does brand gating on Amazon work? Brand gating on Amazon requires resellers or third-party sellers to prove you’ve permitted them to sell your product. The program uses Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) linked to your product…

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