Daily Archives: August 6, 2021

Microsoft announced a list of new product updates and releases for Advertisers. Here’s what you need to know! Microsoft announced an inventory of the latest product updates and releases for Advertisers including a replacement bid strategy, manager-account labeling, new automated extensions, extended brand safety protections, and updates to Unified Campaigns. Here’s what you would like to know! Microsoft Ads Announces Target Impression Share Microsoft Ads announced the release of the Target Impression Share strategy, mirroring that of Google Ads. Microsoft Ads will automatically set your bids based upon where you want your ads to appear and your Target Impression Share. Advertisers can choose that they’d wish to show anywhere on the page, meaning that they don’t care which position they’re in on the primary page, “Top of page”, meaning they need to point out within the first set of ads that appear on the primary SERP, or “Absolute top of…

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