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Think back to a few seconds ago when you clicked the link that led you to this page. Now picture the page loading in your head and count out fifteen seconds. Long before you reached fifteen, you’d probably give up, right? You’d be flabbergasted if this page loaded that slow. Clearly, having a good page load speed is important for any website, including your own. But how can you gauge whether or not your page speeds are good? What, for example, is the average page load time? Below, we’ll discuss the basics of page load speed: The average page load speed Why page load speed matters How you can improve page load speed What is the average page load time? Before we go any further, we’ll go ahead and address the question of what the average page load time is. Let’s clarify that when we say, “average page load time,” we’re referring…

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Like its parent company Google, YouTube relies on keywords to help its algorithm determine which videos are most relevant to a user’s search. One form of keywords you might find within YouTube tags. What are YouTube tags? YouTube video tags are keywords that creators add to their videos in order to help YouTube understand the context of their videos. There are two types of tags you should be aware of when uploading your content to the platform: Video tags Channel tags Video tags When uploading your YouTube videos, you may notice a space for you to add tags, up to 500 characters.   Keywords in your tags are a bit different from the keywords you use in your video title and description. They are specifically meant for the tag section, and they also don’t have as much of an impact on your YouTube SEO. In fact, stuffing your tags into…

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