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Many UX design trends for 2021 have evolved from the challenges and setbacks we experienced in 2020. The tech industry has had to adapt to a world where remote work is the new normal, and people are spending even more time in front of screens. All of these aspects are connected to the user experience (UX) design process. In this post, we’ll look at the top UX trends for 2021 and how you can start using UX design to boost conversions. Top 5 UX design trends for 2021 The top five UX design trends you’ll want to pay attention to this year include: Extensive behavior research Voice-user interface design More personalized design UX writing and microcopy Passwordless login Let’s look at each trend. 1.    Extensive behavior research The events of 2020 have led users to spend longer online, interacting digitally. Most people use digital tools quite they did before 2020 — whether…

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Sadie launched her Facebook advertising campaign over six months ago. After running it for six months, she still hasn’t attracted any new customers. Why aren’t her campaigns working? Well, without consistent monitoring of her campaigns’ performance, Sadie won’t know if they’re working. Sadie needs to track Facebook ad metrics that indicate her ads’ performance to optimize and improve her ads. If you want to avoid the mistakes Sadie made, you need to learn which Facebook ads metrics to monitor to ensure you’re putting your campaigns on the path to success. The five key metrics you’ll want to monitor include: Frequency Cost per click (CPC) Click-through rate (CTR) Conversion rate Return on ad spend (ROAS) 1.      Frequency The first metric we’ll specialize in is frequency. Frequency is how often the typical user sees your ads. This metric is critical to watch because it tells you if you’re showing an equivalent ad set to…

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